Your IELTS writing evaluated by IELTS examiners.

We only use IELTS examiners to evaluate your work.

Why? Because they are the only people that can evealuate your writing accurately. If you are going to pay so much money for an important exam like IELTS, we will only use the best people to guide you.

How is your writing evaluated?

Have a look at the example below. With us, you get

  • all your mistakes corrected

  • a band score for each criteria that is easy to understand

  • a score for each part of each criteria

  • advice form the examiner on what you need to do to get higher marks

  • a Band 9.0 model answer to work from

This is the level of detail that an IELTS examiner can provide you with

We save you money by also telling you whether you are ready to do the exam or not. If you need Band 7 and get 6.5 then you need more practice and we will tell you that. If you need Band 7.0 and just need to change a few things then we will tell you that too.

Upmyielts writing example.pdf

Full IELTS Writing Exam

23 GBP

IELTS Task 1 Academic or General

12 GBP

IELTS Task 2 Academic or General

12 GBP

Once payment has been received, we will send you your Task(s). You can email them to us at anytime you like. We will have your writing back with you within 48 hours.